Friday, February 8, 2013

Toilet Bowl Cleaner: NOT for Bathtubs!

Have you ever read the back of your cleaning products and had one of those "Oh Crap!" moments?       
Well I just did , and I can tell ya....Its not fun!
I was doing my normal cleaning the bathroom routine today albeit , in a hurry.
So I used my Lysol toilet bowl cleaner on my toilet (by the way it works great! On the toilet)  and since I was in a rush I decided to spray a little into the tub.


The tub.

The , circa 1970, clawfoot type tub.
So I preceded to drop my girls off at school and when I returned home went right to the bathroom to rinse everything .
To my horror when I opened my shower curtain I saw that where I had put the cleaner , had turned to a bright rust colored mess.
I quickly turned on the hot water and scrubbed the bejeezus out of it and to no avail.
So here I am stuck with an even uglier tub than I had when I woke up and kicking myself for not reading the back of the darn bottle.
Now Im off to pinterest to find some miracle cure for this dilemma. 
Thanks for reading!

This recipe was written by me. Any similarities to other recipes is purely coincidental.