Monday, April 28, 2014

REVIEW: Chevys Fresh Mex Roseville Ca

Last month I had the honor of hosting a Bachelorette Party for my sister who was renewing her vows after 12 years of marriage. You see, in my family (us 3 kids anyway) we never do anything the right way the first time. (Our firstborns would disagree with this however) So I planned this awesome night that included dinner drinks and debauchery, and our local Roseville Chevys did not disappoint us!

The Staff: The host was an amazing guy who was so sweet & on top of his game. He catered to us all night, always kept a smile on his face, and was so accommodating that he made all of us want to hug him! The other hosts and hostesses did a great job as well helping him out with all of us & were very friendly and courteous.

The Food: Now call me crazy but when i think Fresh Mex i dont necessarily think seafood or 4 stars. This Chevys blew my mind with their quality of food. I ordered some sort of seafood enchilada and it was TO DIE FOR! It came with a creamy verde sauce that went exceptionally well with the shrimp and crab.

The Drinks: If you ever find yourself at Chevys & you are of age, please make sure you order a Pina Colada because BAM!!! Its the best pina colada ive ever tasted, and Ive had ALOT of pina colada's. We also tried their shamrock margarita and that was pretty good too.

What more can I say? Chevys Fresh Mex in Roseville , CA helped make the night special and fun.

                                                 Me (in black) & My sister, The Bride