Monday, March 10, 2014

Rimmel London: Extra WOW Lash

Are you looking for an amazing mascara?
You found it!
Yes its no secret that Rimmel London is my go-to brand for excellence but heres something you may not know....I hate mascara! Not in the "Oh i wish id never met you" kind of way. No. More in the "Why was i born with such minimal lashes that not even the best, most expensive mascaras make my lashes look any better?"

Now im going to be completely honest here, like i always am.

This mascara did not make miracles happen but it did in fact, help my eyes look wider & lashes longer!
Another great find at Walmart for $5. Yes! $5! The mascara itself is a great consistency, not too thick , not too thin. It spreads really easily and I just want to point out that it seems to spread more evenly then other mascaras by Rimmel & alike. Which ofcourse is important to me & im sure to all of you makeup/beauty obsessed as well.
So yes i would definitely recommend this. Now if you have virtually no lashes this may not be the best mascara for you but it is worth a try. With the price at least you wouldnt be investing much for a trial and error.