Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Green Veggie Casserole

Happy Tuesday Coffee & Kahlua readers! 

Its been way too long since I posted a recipe. 

I've been in the home-buying process for months and between boxes, paperwork, a slip and fall at the old house (which makes me even less useful then i was) and trying to get this house unpacked and un-spidered/un-mosquitoed,  I have been completely overwhelmed. Thankfully my husband is just as motivated as he is handsome, so its coming along slowly but very much nicely. 

This recipe is my own creation but was largely inspired by my best friends spinach casserole that I have loved for years.  Like with every recipe i find that I love,  I always want to make it my own. And for me if I'm making a casserole with veggies instead of meat...I want LOTS of veggies & even more flavor of course.So I pulled out my veggie drawer and used almost all of what was in there.

Prep Time: 25 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes

Cheddar Jack Cheese - 1/2 Cup
Parmesan Cheese - Just enough to sprinkle on top
Spinach - half a bag
Green Bell Pepper - 1 whole chopped
Yellow Onion - 1 whole sliced/chopped
Asparagus - Half a bunch cut in half or chopped
Mushrooms - 1 box of pre-washed sliced
Balsamic Vinegar - about 4 tbsp
Unagi Sushi Sauce - 2 tbsp
Butter or Margarine - for saute'

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Melt butter in medium frying pan and add chopped asparagus, onions, and bell peppers. Sautee' on medium low until asparagus is soft but not mushy.

Meanwhile start layering your half bag of spinach, mushrooms & cheese to a casserole dish of your choice. Keep in mind that spinach shrinks when its cooked, I used a smaller one. An 8x10 rectangle.

Add balsamic to sauteed veggie pan and let bubble 2 minutes.
Add Unagi sauce to pan and turn to medium heat for 1 min stirring constantly.

Add contents of pan to casserole dish and mix it up. Sprinkle Parmesan on top and bake for 30 minutes.

Let cool for about 20 minutes & Enjoy!