Saturday, May 4, 2013

Broccoli & Parmesan Rolls

Hello C&K Readers!
Ive had this recipe ready to go for a week now, why didnt I post it?
 Simple....Mental Exhaustion. Ahahaha. 
The weekend is here now and I have some down time so its time for a recipe!
This recipe is super easy (as long as youre comfortable using hot oil or  deep fryer) and very quick. 
I threw it together when i was extremely hungry, hadnt made it to the store yet & wanted some crispy crunch! This recipe did the trick. 

What Youll Need
Pot of hot oil or deep fryer at 400degrees
Pre-Made Eggroll Wrappers 
Parmesan Cheese
Broccoli Florets pieced
Chopped Green Onions
Water to moisten the egg roll wrapper

Place wrapper on flat surface fill the middle with ingredients , careful not to stuff too full. 
When you have the amount of ingredients in there that you want, moisten sides of wrapper with water.

Fold vertically so that sides overlap , and then horizontally over the middle. At this point I wet the edges again just a little bit with the water to make a slight pasty feeling so i know it stuck well and wouldnt open in mid fry.

 Each one of these only took about 2 min in the oil to completely melt the cheese and become golden brown. Depends on the strength of your fryer.

And there ya have it! Some crispy, crunchy , flaky yummy goodness! 
Let me know how this comes out for you and like any other recipes i share, Id love to see your results! Maybe I can even feature it here on the blog. 

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