Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nutella Pancakes

Greetings everyone! I hope the weekend has been fun for you. If not I have something here that just may brighten your day. Id like to introduce you to my good friend Jojo of Pieces of Jojo! She will be a guest blogger here at Coffee and Kahlua from time to time to share her great recipes, crafts, and etc with us. Today she has a wonderful recipe to share (below) and im sure youre going to love it! So dont forget to go follow her blog and keep up to date with all of her amazing posts. Thank you Jojo!

Hi everyone!!! i'm soo honored to be guest blogging over here. A HUGE Thank You to Melody for allowing me to share some of my favorite things with you all!!!! Feel free to head on over to my blog and let me know you've tried something and how it turned out!!! 

This recipe, pretty much just popped into my head this morning. I've been on a nutella kick for the past few days so it HIT the SPOT!!! There are two different ways you can make it depending on your preferences and i'll explain those in a few! My kids and I pretty much love ANYTHING chocolate, so this fit right up our alley!! This makes ALOT of pancakes that can be frozen and popped in the microwave on a busy morning! It doesn't make as much for us because we like our pancakes THICK. but if you like smaller pancakes, you'll be set for a WHILE! or just cut the recipe down to size if you'd like!
6 cups Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix
2 single serve natural unsweetened apple sauce
2 cups Hersheys Chocolate chips 
1/2 cup nutella - microwaved to a liquid 
cooking spray
In a large mixing bowl, combine pancake mix, apple sauce, chocolate chips, and water (use as much or as little to the consistency you'd like. the thinner the batter, the thinner the pancakes).

Heat your frying pan on medium heat and spray with cooking oil.
Pour about half of the amount you would use for a regular pancake (I did 1/2 cup).
Here is where you can do it one of two ways. You can either drizzle the Liquid nutella in the middle, or you can just put a circle amount in the middle. Both have pros and cons. my kids said the drizzle wasn't as noticeable of a taste. I had a harder time covering it up. The drop in the middle was more noticeable, BUT it was only noticeable in the center) I have it pictured both ways.

Pour more batter over the Nutella to seal it in. 
Sometimes, if the Nutella hits the frying pan, it will burn it.

Cook as you would a normal pancake waiting until it's ready to be flipped and then cooking on the other side.

You can either serve this up as is, or put some syrup on it (tho my kids decided they preferred it without syrup as it is sweet!). 

Freeze any leftovers for another morning!!
Thanks again for having me!! Enjoy!!!

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