Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nutter Butter Flip Flop Cookies!!

Hey Everyone!!  Joj0 here!  I hope everyone is having a great start to the summer!!  Speaking of, here is a cute little treat that fits perfect for any pool or beach party, or even a picnic.  It's Nutter Butter Cookies that were decorated to look like flip flops!!  Super Cute and a HUGE hit at my recent pool party!

1 package of Nutter butter Cookies
Any kind of cookie decorating icing or even regular cake icing cans.  
Any embellishments (tho i did not, you can see some very cute ones on pinterest or google.)


Lay all cookies out on cookie sheet.

After following directions to prepare icing, begin with one line going from slightly above the middle going to just about the middle of the top.

Make the other line from the same spot on the other side until it meets the first line.

And there you have some cute little flip flops.  You could use some edible decorations to make them even prettier!  I let mine sit out for about an hour to harden a little bit before storing them in an airtight container none resting on the top of another until the party the next day.
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