Saturday, January 18, 2014

Rimmel London: Scandaleyes Longlasting Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner

Rimmel London has done it again!
I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with Rimmel. I love them because I have yet to try a product by them that doesnt live up to the hype, and I hate them because I can drop a ton of money on their products and still want more.

This new scandaleyes eyeliner did not disappoint. First off the price is great at just $5.98 at Walmart.

It is very creamy and glides on extremely easy. That may just be its only downfall as well, it was so easy to glide that it wound up going down onto my lower lid which i wasnt trying to do.

It was definitely longlasting. It stayed fresh looking for about 9 hours and then as it looked more worn stayed on for another 5 hours until I washed it off. I sprayed my face with a squirt bottle on mist and it did live up to its waterproof status.

I think what i liked most of about this eyeliner is that it is so much better than the other eyeliners in this budget. Not to say that the others arent great, but this one...its awesome!

All in all Id say this product is a wise investment & Im personally going to stock my supply with it. Ill be adding this review to my makeup board on Pinterest so if you dont follow me already, be sure to do so! Coffee & Kahlua on Pinterest 
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